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St Lawrence Dive Trip - August 10th-12th, 2018


The St. Lawrence River, specifically the Thousand Islands region, offers clear and WARM diving conditions - water temperatures can reach the upper 70's with NO thermoclines - and the numerous wrecks are well preserved in the fresh water.  The Robert Gaskin, the wooden hulled cargo vessel pictured above, lies intact and upright on the bottom appearing like that picture perfect pirate ship we all wish we could find.

We'll spend the weekend in Brockville, Ontario - Just a 7 hour drive from the shop - with dives on Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning before heading home. You will need a passport or passport card.  In addition to the diving, we'll enjoy's Brockville's Rib Fest, a huge party in town which benefits the Brockville Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  With barbecue vendors from all over North America, you don't want to miss this years trip.

Divers of all levels are welcome - and this is a great opportunity to satisfy the dive requirements for several specialties, including deep and wreck, as well as night dives in the new Sculpture Park.

Includes: Lodging, 5-6 dives

Cost: $650 per person, double occ. (*estimated)

Call Scott or Laird at 410-517-4999

Cozumel Dive Trip - January 26th-February 2nd, 2018

Cozumel offers some of the best and most affordable diving in the Caribbean.  With warm temps and crystal clear water year round and an abundant array of marine life due to the protected waters of the Palancar Marine Park, Cozumel is not to be missed.

Dive sites including Palancar caves, Palancar reef, Dalila, Columbia, Chankanab, Punta Tunich and the C-53 wreck offer a wealth of sea life and variety of habitat.  Commonly seen fauna include large grouper, angels, butterflies, triggers, morays and turtles as well as smaller critters including spotted drum, shrimp, crabs and lobster along with sponges, corals and gorgonians.

We'll be staying at Scuba Club Cozumel, a dedicated dive resort on the beach just 15 minutes walk from town.  The trip includes two boat dives each day and unlimited shore diving - you can even have a cylinder left for you to enjoy a night dive from the beach.

Great for both new and experienced divers alike!

Includes: Lodging, 2 boat dives/day, unlimited beach dives, air fills, breakfast and lunch each day.

Cost: $1,200 per person, double occ, including all taxes and fees (*estimated)

Call Scott or Laird at 410-517-4999

(*Estimated cost base on previous years)



Overlooking the island of Cozumel when planning a dive vacation can be a costly mistake. Not only is travel to the island easy and inexpensive, it hosts an incredible variety of dive sites. The breath-taking walls in the Palancar Marine Sanctuary rival any in the Caribbean. The health of the reef system and the abundance of marine life are sure to satisfy any craving. Over the years we have traveled there we’ve had numerous encounters with friendly sea turtles, large spotted eagle rays, and the occasional shark cruising by. The island itself is fun and friendly with lots of activities for non divers. Cozumel can be the perfect winter get-a-way!


When one thinks about diving in Canada, one immediately thinks of snow and frigid water temperatures. If you’re one of those then you couldn’t be more mistaken. The St. Lawrence River, specifically the Thousand Islands region offers clear and WARM diving conditions. During our frequent summer trips there, the water temperatures can reach as high as 78 degrees. There are NO thermo clines so the water is as comfortable at depth as it is on the surface. No need for bulky cold water gear here! Beneath that clear warm water lay an assortment of shipwrecks. The Robert Gaskin, a wooden hulled cargo vessel lies intact and upright on the bottom appearing like that picture perfect pirate ship we all wish we could find. The massive bulk of the modern steel hulled Keystorm is a dive not to be missed. In addition to wrecks, St. Lawrence features several unique drift dives that will propel divers along granite cliffs and sheer drop offs. Treasure hunters will enjoy the chance to retrieve glassware and other artifacts dating back before the Revolutionary War. Weather isn’t a problem either. Unlike the ocean, dives are never cancelled due to rough seas leaving us grumbling at the dock after long drives and wasted vacation days. St. Lawrence is just 7 hours away and offers diving for everyone, from beginner to seasoned explorer.


Located along the shores of the famous Graveyard of the Atlantic, Morehead City can be a diver’s paradise. Ships torpedoed by German U-Boats lay scattered along the ocean floor. Divers can explore these victims of submarine attacks and then dive down and visit the attackers. Several U-Boats were lost here and are easily accessible to divers. If the wrecks themselves don’t interest you, remember that each wreck is home to a variety of creatures. The proximity of the Gulf Stream influences the dive conditions and water temperatures frequently reach 80 degrees with visibility over 100 feet. Many of the wrecks are home to schooling tiger sharks and provide incredible photo opportunities. For the underwater hunter a variety of creatures can be harvested providing the freshest seafood possible.


When the leaves start turning colors its time to think abut diving in our own Chesapeake Bay. Diving for oysters is fun and best of all, filling. Each diver can harvest up to a bushel of the tastiest, freshest oysters you’ll ever have. The water’s shallow, less than 20 feet, and at times, surprisingly clear. As divers gather oysters they’ll can encounter those prehistoric Horseshoe crabs and they’re more popular cousins the blue crab. Toadfish lurk in nooks and crannies and the occasional rockfish will swim by to check things out. But the dives really about the oysters. Bring along some cocktail sauce and your favorite beverage because after the dive, Captain Charlie will shuck and steam em as long as your ready to eat em!


Often ignored, sometimes the most interesting diving can be found in your backyard. The Maryland coast is home to countless shipwrecks and several artificial reefs. The water’s a little cooler and the visibility not like the Caribbean but the diving is fun and interesting. From collecting artifacts to bringing back dinner, off-shore Ocean City has big league diving at little league cost. Most trips feature two-tank dives on two different wreck sites. With depths usually ranging from 40-100 feet the dives are well within most divers’ ability. This past season we had awesome conditions. Visibility exceeded 25 feet and bottom temperature was almost 60 degrees. Lobster, flounder, and bags of mussels were just a sampling of the delicacies brought up. While exploring the sunken submarine U.S.S. Blenny we had an up close encounter with a giant ocean sunfish. Also known as Mola Mola, these gentle giants can grow to 13 feet in length and weigh over 3000 lbs. One of which swam right up to a diver as he explored the wreck. Diving in Ocean City, Check It Out!


If you’ve dreamed about sailing upon a turquoise blue sea and exploring virgin dive sites, than live-aboard diving is for you. Enjoy exploring the out islands of the Bahamas aboard the sailing vessel Juliet. This 100 foot long steel hulled sailing ship features spacious cabins paneled in rich exotic wood. This is literally an eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat some more, and dive some more vacation. The crew of the Juliet go out of their way to see to your comfort as you explore walls, reefs, and wrecks. Experience shark diving as you explore “Bull Run”, home to many Caribbean reef sharks its’ a photographer’s dream. Dazzling sunsets and warm crystal clear water make this a truly incredible dive trip.


The kelp forests of Pacific coast make for some very interesting diving. Divers will swim through this unique forest of towering plants while a diverse assortment of creatures. Seals, sea lions, otters, and colorful nudibranchs make the trip unlike anything in the Caribbean. Water temperatures are a little cooler but the environment makes the trip worth the effort.